The Video Conferencing System

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Video Conferencing System has come a long way since its introduction to the world back in the 60's. Now we have new technologies like mobile phones and webcams that allow us to carry video conferences anywhere and anytime. Video Conferencing has become very popular for business organizations that need to conduct meetings with clients and employees from remote locations. Video Conferencing allows you to communicate via phone, web cam, or voice. Video Conferencing Systems has many features that have helped improve the level of service and communication.

Logitech Video Conferencing will allow all participants to see each other at any time they want without any disturbance.Video conferences can be conducted in two different locations by using different codecs. The basic technology used in video conferencing involves a computer with video input and output devices and audio hardware that allows the use of microphones and speakers in different locations. Video Conferencing requires an internet connection to transmit the conferences and audio inputs and outputs to the different locations.

A Video Conferencing System also needs certain hardware components like Video Camera, Video Card, Network Interface Card, USB Flash Drive, LAN Connector, Video Dome or Web Cam. A video conferencing system will also require Video Software which is used for editing video images and a good web server to upload the conference to the internet. The system can be operated through an operator or by using a computer or a Web browser. The operator has the authority to edit, delete, move and rotate the video cameras and audio tracks, and also can send and receive text chat and audio messages.

One of the major advantages of a Video Conferencing System is the reduction in both travel time and expense and the elimination of the need for a physical stand-in. This is a highly effective tool for international business meetings and facilitates easy communication between business heads and staff. Video Conferencing saves a lot of time as well. Companies that make use of a Video Conferencing System can keep regular meetings with their staffs located in various parts of the world. Video Conferencing System reduces costs as well and enables better utilization of available resources.

The major advantage of Polycom Video Conferencing systems is that it provides true image and sound quality, thanks to the latest state-of-the-art technologies like, Wide Bandwidth Digital Video Interface, Multichannel Digital Video Interface, High Definition Audio Digital Interface, Audio Scalar Digital Video Interface and Noise Control Filtering. Digital Video Interface technology makes the interaction with the audience possible through digital network instead of audio. Multichannel Digital Video Interface is used for simultaneous transmission of audio and video data. High Definition Audio Digital Interface is used for providing digital video output and input to a Wide Area Network. Noise Control Filter is used for filtering unwanted noise from a Video Conferencing System.

Video Conferencing System has several other advantages. It helps to establish a permanent relationship between all the departments of a company, including sales, marketing, technical, clerical and customer support. Video Conferencing also reduces considerably the travel time for meetings as it provides an interface from a single place. Video Conferencing also allows for face-to Face Meetings with the employees who are otherwise not accessible. Check out this post for more details related to this article: